September 'Sapphire' Candle

September 'Sapphire' Candle

SKU: 009

Our September candle is part of 'The Birthstone Collection'. It is studded with genuine Sapphire and scented with our autumn fragrance 'Pear and Vanilla'.


Pear and Vanilla is a sweet and powdery scent encorporating creamy vanilla and warm pear and amber. This fragrance will transport you to a cozy kitchen on a chilly autumn day with fresh pear crumble in the oven.  


Each of our candles are packaged in a beautiful box and contains a small organza bag to collect your gemstones and also a small booklet containing information on the healing properties of your gemstone. This makes them the perfect gift for a loved one, or for yourself!

  • Care Instructions

    To get the best out of your Wallace Gemstone Candle, always follow these easy steps.

    • Always trim your wick to under 1cm before lighting. This prevents the chance of sooting and allows for the most intense fragrance throw.
    • Always allow your candles to burn for a minimum of 2-3 hours to allow the wax to pool fully to the edges. This will ensure that your candle burns cleanly and will prevent tunneling.
    • Always blow your candles our carefully or use a snuffer to ensure that wax does not get blown over the glass. This will ensure your candle burns cleanly.
    • Never leave your candles unattended and always keep them out of the reach of children.